Introducing Intune-Toolkit

Are you finding it challenging to manage assignments on Microsoft Intune policies? Say hello to the Intune-Toolkit, your new PowerShell-powered assistant designed to make your life easier and streamline your management tasks.

Why Intune-Toolkit

Existing tools might help you deploy Intune policies, but they often fall short when it comes to bulk assignments. Typically, you have to manually assign each policy after deployment, which can be tedious and prone to errors. It’s easy to miss a policy, only to discover the oversight weeks later. The Intune-Toolkit simplifies this process, ensuring you can handle bulk assignments effortlessly


The Intune-Toolkit offers a basic & user-friendly interface to connect to Microsoft Graph, manage policy assignments, and handle backup and restore operations.

Key Features

  • Connect to Microsoft Graph: Authenticate with necessary scopes.
  • Tenant Information: Display tenant details and signed-in user information.
  • Policy and App Management: View and manage policies and apps with their assignments.
  • Supported Assignments:
    • Configuration Policies
    • Device Configuration Policies
    • Device Compliance Policies
    • Mobile Applications (Windows & Mac OS)
    • App Configuration Policies
    • Administrative Templates
    • Platform Scripts
    • Mac OS Scripts
  • Assignment Management:
    • Add and delete assignments for selected policies.
    • Search Security Groups.
    • Support for filters and installation intent.
  • Backup and Restore:
    • Back up and restore assignments to policies and apps.
  • Export Assignments:
    • Export assignments to CSV
    • Document Assignments to Markdown File
      • Selected Policies / applications
      • Bulk Export of Policy Type
  • Logging: Detailed logging for all major actions and error handling.


To use the Intune Toolkit, ensure you have the following:

  • PowerShell 5.1 or later.
  • Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK.
  • Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) for the GUI components.
  • Access to Microsoft Intune with the necessary permissions.

MS Graph Api permission scope

  • User.Read.All
  • Directory.Read.All
  • DeviceManagementConfiguration.ReadWrite.All
  • DeviceManagementApps.ReadWrite.All


Getting started with the Intune Toolkit is a breeze! You can either clone the repository or download it directly from GitHub.

  1. Clone the repository:git clone cd Intune-Toolkit
  2. Download from GitHub: Simply download the toolkit from GitHub and unzip it to your desired location.
  3. Install the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK:Install-Module Microsoft.Graph -Scope CurrentUser
  4. Ensure necessary assemblies and permissions to run the toolkit.


Using the Intune Toolkit is super simple and user-friendly. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Launch the Main Script:.\Main.ps1
  • Connect to Microsoft Graph:
    • Click the “Connect” button to sign in and authorize the toolkit.
  • Manage Policies:
    • Select the type of policy to manage using the corresponding buttons.
    • View and manage the assignments for the selected policies.
  • Backup Policies:
    • Click the “Backup” button to save current assignments to a JSON file.
  • Restore Policies:
    • Click the “Restore” button to load assignments from a backup file.
  • Add/Remove Assignments:
    • Use the “Add Assignment” and “Delete Assignment” buttons to manage assignments.
  • Documentation Markdown
    • When you dont select policies / apps it will document the full set of policy’s displayed in the grid.
    • when selecting policy it will only document the assignment of the selected policy

Alpha Version and Your Input

The Intune-Toolkit is currently in its alpha version, and I’m eager to get your feedback. If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions for improvements, please let me know on GitHub. If you’re interested in contributing to the project, let’s connect and collaborate to make this toolkit even better.

Ready to make your Intune policy management more efficient? Try the Intune-Toolkit today!

Known Issues

  • There have been reports that there are some issues with PS5.1 if you experience this please use PS7 for now.
  • Assign to all devices
  • Assignment of Ios and Android applications

Release Notes


  • Features
    • Mac OS Scripts
    • App Configuration Policies
    • Document To markdown
      • Selected Policies / applications
      • Bulk Export of Policy Type
    • Basic Version Check to latest Release Version on Github
  • Bug Fixes
    • Build in safety when no filters Exists ( Second Attempt 😉 )

Documentation Example


  • Features
    • Platform scripts
    • Export assignments to csv
  • UI
    • Updated UI
    • Remove install intent column in policy Context
  • Bug Fixes 
    • Build in safety when no filters Exists
    • Checks for MS Graph Module

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