Welcome to my blog!

I’m Maxime, born in 1995, and I’ve been passionate about IT since high school. I started my career at Incrius, a smaller IT firm, where I focused on cloud technologies, including the full M365 stack and various Azure projects. After five years there, I moved on to freelancing with Arxus, specializing in endpoint management and building a managed service around it.

This blog is a space for me to share my experiences and thoughts on the modern workplace and IT trends. I hope to provide useful guides and ideas that can help others navigate this field.

Outside of IT, I’m a Belgian ski instructor and an avid scuba diver. In my free time, I enjoy tinkering with Home Assistant, dreaming of one day building my own JARVIS, and exploring the possibilities of 3D printing. These hobbies help me stay balanced and inspired.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. Let’s explore the future of IT together!